Roxanne Zardo

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Roxanne Zardo, Accounting Manager
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Roxi grew up in the tax business with her first job as delivering tax returns to clients in the waiting room. As a teenager, she went to the office with her dad and hand wrote hundreds of referral checks.

Upon Graduation from Westmoore High school in 2005 she received a scholarship to Arkansas State University in Beebe, AR where she studied Computer Automated Drafting. She was hired out of College and designed joists for metal buildings when she was laid off due to a downturn in business.

Luckily Adam was able to convince her and her Arkansas Native Husband, Kevin Zardo, a fellow CAD Graduate to return to Oklahoma, City to join the family business. She attended Mienders School of Business for a double major and Business and Accounting.

Roxi worked her way through school at our family business and went on to attain her Masters of Accounting. She is the Accounting Director AMR Tax Service, Inc.

Kevin and Roxanne were blessed with Twins on September 2, 2016. Roxi is the Accounting Manager at AMR but the twins are really in charge!
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