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AMR Tax Preparation

Individual, Corporate, Partnership and some International Returns. We Also offer representation and collections assistance as well.

✔️ 33 Years of Experience
✔️ Enrolled Agents*
✔️ Electronic Filing
✔️ CPA on Staff
Drop Off
✔️ Free Courtesy Extensions for Current Clients

Roxi Zardo, CPA

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Your time is valuable and sometimes the best decision you can make for your business is to let a professional handle your bookkeeping and financial records. We offer current education, experience and convenience.

✔️ Bookkeeping
Financial Statements
✔️ Tax Deposits
Tax Preparation
✔️ Trust and Estate Returns
…..and more. Just call NOW! Don't hesitate.

Tax Payer Reprentation

Are you being deluged with letters from the IRS?

Are you getting nowhere when making phone calls or sending letters?

Is dealing with the IRS taking valuable time out of your days?

Let Adam Roberts, EA and his dream team go to work for you. Whatever your tax issue is..they are ready to go to work for you.

✔️ 33 Years of Tax Experience
Former Attorney Participation
✔️ Former IRS Agent Participation
✔️ Protests
✔️ Divorce Tax Planning

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Tax Preparation


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